About Zander


Zander the Z man




I'm so funny because I had clown for breakfast!....Zander Tiberius Kirk Crissman



Name: Zander Tiberius Kirk Crissman


Nicknames: Z-Man


Gotcha Day: April 9, 2011


Starsign: Leo


Definitely the youngest with more energy than the average boy


Favorite Color: Turquoise


Favorite Treats: Peanut Butter, Anything within reaching distance


Turn-offs: No one wanting to play


Turn-ons: Playing, running, chasing the ball, goading his brothers into running


Favorite TV Shows: The Dog Whisperer, Fareed Zakaria GPS


Favorite Movies: RED, RED 2, Pat and Mike


Favorite Music: Django Reinhardt, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Journey


Favorite Car: 1957 Chevy Pickup Truck


Favorite Sport: Auto Racing


Three or More People and/or Pets to Have to Dinner: Mark Twain, Johnston McCulley,
Toronado (Zorro's Friesian horse), Katharine Hepburn, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley


Described as: Wacky and Zany


In His Own Words: Every meal is a feast and every paycheck a fortune!


Zander as a baby Zander loves to play


Zander loves to smile Zander