Here are some of PugSpeak's favorite worldwide pug and pet links. The following pages consist of pug and pet homepages, pug rescues, pet shelters, reputable breeders, dog and pet directories, and pug news and information.


There's a wealth of fun, informative pug resources and interesting pug and pet related sites worldwide and we hope our PugSpeak visitors enjoy them as much as we do. Many of these sites have become more than links. We've come to know many of the good people behind the websites and we consider them friends.


We especially encourage you to visit our pug rescue and pet rescue page. Pug Speak is proud to link with so many caring, dedicated pug rescues and organizations.


Simply click on the pages below to access each pug link and pet link category:


Pug and Pet Pages


Fat Pugs in Alaska


Doug's Page of Pug Wonders


Picadou a.k.a. Minky Chica


Smiling Farm


Japanese Chins




Pug News


Angela Nabuco's Blog


Home Advisor - Pet Proofing Home and Yard



Pug and Pet Rescues


Midwest Pug Rescue


Green Mountain Pug Rescue


Homeward Bound Pug Rescue


Hearts United For Animals


Pug Rescue of North Carolina


Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue


Pups Without Partners