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About us - The PugSpeak Pug Story


Six miraculous, hip, cool little pug boys have inspired this pug site. Each pug boy brought his own personality to the table and as a team, they worked together to bring pug information, pug fun, and of course, PugSpeak Pug and Pet Gifts.


Our collective mission at PugSpeak is to offer pug and pet information and news, link you to other great pug and pet sites and our friends worldwide, offer fun pug gift items, and most assuredly have pug fun!


Meet the PugSpeak Pug Boys:


C.K. Dexter Haven Crissman - Brave, steadfast, loving

Trevor MacCauley Connor Crissman - Nurturing, erudite, sensitive

Ian Adrian McLeod Crissman - Funny, plucky, charming

Mackenzie Gardner McKay Crissman - Spirited, affectionate, great sense of humor

Zander Tiberius Kirk Crissman - Playful, fast, and fun-loving

Miguel Diego Crissman - Happy, loving, and full of fun


Meet the Parents:


Lowell - Proud pug pop and chief photographer and co-owner of PugSpeak, LLC

Mary - Besotted pug mom, co-creator and owner of PugSpeak, LLC


Be sure to click on each thumbnail photo to read full bios and many thanks for visiting PugSpeak Pug and Pet Gifts!