Pug Bracelets


PugSpeak Pug Bracelets


Our PugSpeak Pug Bracelets are handcrafted by PugSpeak, LLC and each pug bracelet features a gold or silver pewter pug charm and we've selected quality beads including genuine gemstone beads such as Jasper, Agate, Turquoise, Onyx, and Quartz; Cloissone', Lampwork, Millefiori, and African wood beads which are arranged on stretch jewelry cord or silver or gold plated chain.


Please Note: Occasionally, due to lack of availability of certain jewelry findings, a similar substitution made be made for your pug earrings or bracelets. This pertains only to such findings as metal spacers or bead caps. The featured gemstone, Lampwork, wood, or Swarovski crystal beads will remain as pictured on the website.


Pug Bracelet 2 Features Lampwork and Czech Beads and a Fawn Enamel Pug Charm. PugSpeak Pug Bracelet 3 Pug Bracelet 5 PugSpeak Pug Bracelet 6 Pug Bracelet 7 PugSpeak Pug Bracelet 8 Pug Bracelet 10 Pug Bracelet 11 PugSpeak Pug Bracelet 12 Pug Bracelet 13 PugSpeak Bracelet 14 with memory wire and a variety of green and blue gemstone and African wood beads PugSpeak Pug Bracelet 16 Frida E Pug Bracelet PugSpeak Pugdora 1 Bracelet PugSpeak Pugdora2 Pugdora Pug Watch 1 Pugdora Pug Watch 2 Pug Watch 1 Pug Watch 2 PugSpeak Pug Watch 3 PugSpeak Pug Watch 4