PugSpeak's Mary's Angels



Mary's Angels


Mary's Angels


Once upon a time, there were five little boys. Two came from Missouri and the other three came from Kansas.

Each little pug boy had to find his role in the family. Together, the little pug boys teamed up and became

Mary's Angels.


Mary's Angels today


One afternoon, they listened as Mary gave her pug boys their new assignments. It was their mission

(if they decided to accept) to fight for truth and justice, recover the missing treasure, and to have many wacky adventures.

It was unanimous. All the pugs boys were more than equal to the task.

They became Mary's Angels.


Racing to find the treasure


They raced to find the missing treasure...


then stopped for R and R


...then stopped for a little R and R


Ian's disguise


Ian thought a disguise might work to his advantage


Trevor's disguise


Trevor said Okay, fine. I can do you one better!


Trevor goes undercover


In fact, they'll never make me in this get-up. Take that, tirebiter!



Searching for the treasure


Mary's Angels searched frantically for the missing treasure, leaving no dish unturned...


Dexter and Ian


...or no leaf unmarked!


Zander searched for treasure


Zander even took this opportunity to search under his favorite ball!


Trevor falls in love


And while the Boys were moving under the radar, searching for the missing treasure,
Trevor fell head-over-paws in love! By night, he became El Mariachi!


Trevor undercover


But Trevor told Zsa Zsa he had to complete his mission and went undercover.


Ian plays baccarat


Meanwhile, Ian attended a green tie function and played a little baccarat.


Mackie plays tennis


And Mackie changed into a Performance Polo and played a quick game of tennis.


Boys disguised


Another disguise and the Boys were off to a ho-down at a nearby dude ranch.
Will they find the missing treasure?

Will Trevor keep his mind on the mission?


Trevor finds the treasure!


Victory! While undercover, Trevor finds the missing treasure - a box of donuts!


Boys are thrilled


The mission was a success and needless to say, the Boys were thrilled! There was much celebrating!


Boys R and R


Time for a vacation - the Boys headed to the beach!