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No Butts About It


At PugSpeak, we love pugs and we love pug tails! We thought it was high time for an informal study on this phenomenon - the short, the kinky, and the curly of the situation.


We've observed over the years that no two pug tails are alike. Every pug tail is rare, singular, and unprecedented. Every pug tail takes its own turn. Every pug tail takes on it's own idiosyncratic qualities. Some pug tails are loosely curled. Others are tight enough to hold a pencil. Some pug tails loop two to three times while others barely once.


Pug tails are akin to clouds. You can see shapes and images in each individual pug tail. In the PugSpeak household, we've had many unparalleled pug tails including the Danish Pastry, the Question Mark, and the Bobble.


And contrary to popular belief, pug tails do not necessarily turn counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. Nor are the turns necessarily gender-driven. Each pug tail is simply as distinctive as the pug boy or girl who owns it. Pug tails can reflect moods, but conversely, they can remain coiled in slumber. Pug tails also encompass great waggability. Many demonstrate independent rear suspension. But often times, the tail gets taken right along with the pug butt. And that's another pug tale for another time!


Philosophers could have had a field day with the pug tail. Descarte might have said I think therefore I am a Pug Tail; Sarte may have seen the pug tail as the alpha and omega of existentialism; Shakespeare's Hamlet might have contemplated to curl or not to curl - that is the question - he may have also regarded the pug tail as the undiscovered country; Carl Sagan may have agreed that there are billions and billions of diverse pug tails in the cosmos; Claude Debussy could have composed Prelude to the Afternoon of a Pug Tail; Ernest Hemingway may have written that the pug tail is true and brave and sure; And finally, Homer Simpson may have summed it all up by saying - Curly, straight, curly straight.


As part of this confab, we have included a pictorial of Kansas City area pug tails. We believe a photo is worth a multitude of words and these photos speak volumes for the pug tail. If you have a pug tail photo you'd like to share, please email it and we'll be happy to include it. It could become a tale for another day.


PugSpeak Pug Tails - the Bobble PugSpeak Pug Tails - the Question Mark


The Bobble Tail and the Question Mark


PugSpeak Pug Tails - the Swirl PugSpeak Pug Tails - the Danish Pastry


The Swirl and the Danish Pastry


One little pug tail And several pug tails


One little pug tail and several pug tails


Many pug tails and one not so pug tail A pug tail aerial shot


Many pug tails and one not so pug tail and a pug tail aerial shot


A nattily dressed pug tail A tail of six pugs


A nattily dressed pug tail and a tale of six pugs


Some pug tails just go along for the ride Pugs will often admire other pug tails


Some pug tails get to the point and often pugs admire other pug tails