PugSpeak Speed of Cute


Speed of Cute


Remember back in school the first time you read Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the speed of light? It was an awesome thing to ponder. Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles per second or 299,337.984 kilometers per second.


If we could travel the speed of light, what would happen? On the upside, we could go to planets and other star systems that would otherwise take years - perhaps a lifetime to reach. And the question of time travel (in a manner of speaking) would certainly be answered though that could be considered the downside to this achievment. The closer we approach light speed, time actually slows. We would age infinitesimally while hundreds of years have passed on earth. So much for homecomings.


And then we jump to the subject of pugs. You may ask what the two have in common? More than you realize.


After bringing five pug boys into the fold, it quickly became apparent that pugs are more than cute. Beyond cute. So then we ask ourselves - can that kind of cuteness or pug charm be quantified?


There had to be some kind of explanation or term for this abundance of cuteness. And then it became clear: the speed of pug cuteness is essentially equivalent to: E=mc2=Pug(cute)2.


If light can travel at 186,000 miles per second, pug cuteness must be traveling at a similar rate. Thus explaining the "beyond cute" dilemma. Or to put it another way: The density of cuteness occurs exponentially, rendering the casual observer helpless.


We even suspect that the Speed of Cute might be one way of eluding one of Stephen Hawking's black holes.


Theoretically speaking, mankind has not achieved traveling the speed of light. But in the pug world, it's happening every minute of every day. Only in this equation, light is replaced by cuteness.


Does time slow for the pug owner? In this case, we can only hope so. We don't want to miss a minute of this extraordinary pug cuteness. Can there be too much cuteness? Most likely not. If this were the case, we might find ourselves in a universal paradox. Perhaps a rip in the time continuum. We may never know the answers to these questions. It may boil down to this: Love and enjoy your pugs. Maybe pugs exemplify Einstein's theories, and in their own way, make them reality.