Trevor - Erudite and Continental


Trevor is erudite and continental


Trevor MacCauley Connor has often been regarded as erudite and very continental. A Renaissance Pug. Trevor has many faces and even more names - El Mariachi, The Handsome Young Scientist, and of course,Treasure. Could he possibly be the Most Erudite and Continental Pug on the Planet? Perhaps that remains to be determined. Let's look at his accomplishments:


Trevor speaks six languages including Klingon.


Trevor once obfuscated a human just to see what it felt like.


Trevor once worked as a spy, a scientist, and a man-about-town.


Trevor has played baccarat on all seven continents.


Trevor owns his own tux and dinner jacket and bowling shoes.


Trevor has the largest collection of plush donuts.


When visiting a museum, Trevor is allowed to sniff the art.


Trevor's summer reading list included Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin and Thomas Malthus.


Trevor's favorite artist is Frida Kahlo.


Both human and pugs have been known to cross the street to meet him.


Rottweilers ask Trevor for his autograph


If Trevor were to drink alcohol, it would be Campari.


Trevor keeps a sherpa on retainer.


Trevor has so many adventures, he lives vicariously through himself.


Trevor never needs directions - he is his own GPS navigational system.


Trevor designs portions of the Rorschach tests.


Trevor's source of income is so top secret, even his humans don't have a clue.


Trevor is the only pug to ace the Kobioshi Maru


When Trevor walks down the street, a chorus appears behind him and breaks into song and dance and a musical movie ensues.


Trevor has NASA and JPL on speed-dial.


Trevor designed his own interocitor. Take that, Exeter!